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Cosmetic Bonding
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Dental Bonding can keep your teeth nice and bright
When your tooth gets damaged or is stained to where it does not look the same as the surrounding teeth, your best bet may be getting cosmetic bonding done. This is when you get a composite resin put down on your prepared tooth, that is later hardened, shaped to match the surrounding teeth, and polished to have the same sheen as your natural teeth. It can bring a slightly damaged smile back up to perfection, and give you back the self confidence that small blemish may have taken from you.

Cosmetic Bonding is Ideal When You Need Small Repairs

Since cosmetic bonding is only able to cover small areas at a time, it is the perfect solution for minor repairs on your teeth. First your dentist is going to have to make sure the bonding area is fully prepared, and clean of any debris or decay. Then, they will mix up the composite resin and place it on your tooth. It will be shaped to be near your natural tooth’s shape, then hardened. From there, it will go through further shaping so it matches perfectly with the surrounding teeth, and then you will get the final polish so that it looks as natural as every other tooth in your mouth.

The bonding resin is matched up to your teeth, so when the resin is shined up, the part that has had the bonding done should match perfectly to the area that surrounds it. This type of cosmetic procedure is typically inexpensive, allowing it to be something most people can afford if they have a slight blemish on their teeth that causes them hesitation when it comes to smiling.

Perks to Cosmetic Bonding

One of the biggest perks of cosmetic bonding aside from the price is the fact that the procedure is often completely painless. There is very little, if any, anesthesia required to perform this procedure. It is also able to be completed in a single visit to your dentist, since the process is so quick. You can go into the dentist’s chair with a slight imperfection on one of your teeth, and get up a short time later with the smile that Hollywood would be envious of. Finally, there are many insurance providers that will also pay for cosmetic bonding in some circumstances. If you come in and one of our experienced dentists says that you would be better off getting bonding to help restore the look of your smile, we can then reach out to your insurance provider and find out what they have to say.

So, if you are considering getting cosmetic bonding done, give one of the experienced dentists at La Jolla Dental a call and find out what would all be involved in your particular case, including what your portion of the cost may be. Each mouth is unique, so each bonding experience will be as well. Schedule an appointment, come in and see a dentist, and let them explain the options you have to bring your smile back into focus.

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