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Dental Cleanings & Exams
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A La Jolla dentist giving a patient a dental cleaning using a mechanical polisher at La Jolla Dental in La Jolla, CA.
At La Jolla Dental we are huge proponents of anything that will help our patient’s oral health. A solid at-home oral health routine is a big cornerstone of healthy teeth and gums. Coming in to our office for bi-annual cleanings and exams makes up the other cornerstone of oral health. When you come to see us we will make sure everything is as it should be and will allow us to give your mouth a nice, deep clean!

Professional Dental Cleanings

The first portion of your routine checkup with us is usually a professional dental cleaning. During this cleaning we focus on removing built up plaque and tartar from your teeth.

How does plaque form? Bacteria lives within our mouth and feeds on the remnants of food left over in our teeth after we eat a meal. Everyone has places in their mouth that food particles can hide and these places are hard to maintain or reach with floss or a brush. In these hard to reach places these bacteria are allowed to flourish and eventually they build up into a layers of hard, tartar or calculus.

During your cleaning we will remove calculus and tartar buildup that has accumulated over the months. We will give your teeth a polish, which helps to remove surface stains and leaves your teeth feeling smooth and clean.

If you have had issues with gum disease, we have cleaning options that can help in the battle against that difficult-to-fight condition.

Professional Dental Examinations

Once we finish the cleaning we will typically start the examination. Examinations provide us with actionable information that we can use to ensure your continued oral health. The goal is to catch dental issues while they are still in the preventable stages. If we can find an issue that is still reversible we can offer a number of treatment options to you and prevent it from ever becoming a big problem.

We do screening for a huge variety of dental issues ranging from tooth decay to gum disease and oral cancer. We use these exams to educate you on what you can be doing or changing in your normal oral health routine. Sometimes you can prevent tooth decay with something as simple as rinsing your mouth out with water after every meal. We want to make sure you have access to the most valuable oral health information available.

Dental X-Rays

Once a year we will give you a dental x-ray. We use x-rays to detect issues that we can’t find using only visual inspection. Typically, this means issues that arise between your teeth, below the gums or are too small to see. We are able to use x-rays to show you issues like tooth decay within your mouth. We also use them to help us check on impacted teeth, and cysts or tumors within the mouth.

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Coming in to our office for bi-annual cleanings and exams makes up the other cornerstone of oral health. Learn more about La Jolla Dental today!
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