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Dental Crowns

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If you have a tooth that broke severely and cannot simply be filled up with a filling, or is cracked and likely to continue breaking with normal use, a dental crown may be the perfect solution. A crown is basically like a cap for a broken or a damaged tooth. The dentist will grind down the tooth, and a cap will be created to fit over what is left of the tooth. Then you will be able to eat and use your tooth like normal.

When to Turn to Dental Crowns

A broken tooth is only one time where you would opt for using a dental crown. The most common time a dentist is going to recommend you have a crown is after having a root canal done. At that point, you are going to need something to cover the hole left in the tooth where the root once was, and a crown is the ideal cap to keep your tooth, and mouth as a whole, protected. Another time where you would want to consider a dental crown is after a very large filling has either worn or fallen out. At that point, you will need to create a larger space in the cavity to hold the filling, and it may simply be better and easier to put on a crown to protect the integrity of what is left of the tooth.

How La Jolla Dental Can Help

Here at La Jolla Dental, we can offer something only some dental offices are able to offer, and that is same day crowns. Most dental offices have to place you with a temporary crown while your crown is sent to a laboratory, created with their machinery, and sent back. Here, we use the CEREC unit, which allows us to create same day crowns, and have them milled for us on site. No more waiting and leave your tooth potentially exposed to who knows what. Instead, we can give you a crown for a little while, make your new one, and put it on your tooth, same day. The CEREC unit allows us to create a tooth that is going to fit into your mouth perfectly, leaving little adjustment to be made once the crown is placed. It uses digital images of the inside of your mouth to create a tooth that can fit perfectly in the location you need it to fill.

The only times that we have to use the more traditional methods of sending crowns out to be created is when we are unable to match the color in-house. Most of the time our machine is able to match up the new tooth to the existing teeth, but there are times, such as when decay is present, that we are not able to match them up as perfectly as your smile deserves, so we send it out to be made on your behalf.

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At La Jolla Dental, we offer our patients dental crowns. A dental crown is basically like a cap for a broken or a damaged tooth. Click here to learn more.
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