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Oral Cancer Screening
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Regular Oral Cancer Screening by La Jolla dentist, James Strother DDS at La Jolla Dental in La Jolla, CA
Oral cancer screening is one of the most important aspects of our job here at La Jolla Dental. Estimates say that 40-50,000 people could face a diagnosis of mouth or throat cancer this year, and we want to do whatever we can to help avoid any of our patients from facing that diagnosis. However, if our patients are going to face that diagnosis, we want to make sure they are diagnosed as early as possible to ensure the best chances of survival.

Types of Cancer Included in an Oral Cancer Screening

Anything in your mouth or throat is subject to possible cancerous tissue, including, but not limited to:
•  Your lips
•  Your tongue
•  Your inner cheeks
•  Your gums
•  The floor of your mouth
•  The palate, or roof, of your mouth
•  Your throat

During each visit to one of the experienced dentists at La Jolla Dental, we always make sure to check anything that looks like it could be oral cancer. When oral cancer is caught early, it is far more treatable than when it is put off. If you come in and see us every six months like we recommend, that gives you the best chances of having an early diagnosis if you are going to get it, offering you the best survival possibility.

Signs and Symptoms Most Attributed to Oral Cancer

If you are facing any of these signs, it is time to come in for oral cancer screening at La Jolla Dental:
•  Hard or thick areas in the mouth that resemble a bump that does not go away
•  Areas that are incredibly tender, or completely numb
•  Sores in your mouth that tend not to heal up, or may bleed with little agitation
•  Crusty or rough areas in the mouth that do not go away
•  A noticeable change in how your teeth come together when you chew or bite

While these can be signs of many things, oral cancer is one of those things, so we want to get everything checked out. If you notice that there are parts of your mouth that begin to function differently, or that you have trouble moving, such as your jaw or your tongue, or you begin to struggle to chew, swallow, or speak, this is something that should also be relayed on to your dentist when you come in.

Oral cancer screenings are a part of our comprehensive exams here at La Jolla Dental. We even go so far as to use the VizLite scan to help us see things that may not yet be noticeable with the naked eye. If we notice anything, we will sit down and discuss it with you, and figure out how to go about diagnosing the problem. We may also work with your physician to ensure that you can get the most comprehensive diagnosis and care possible. Give the professionals at La Jolla Dental a call today, and let us take a good solid look inside your mouth to make sure you are currently healthy, and can stay that way.

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